Lindsay and Dixon

The beauty of Southland Beech is intertwined with the history of New Zealand’s landless natives, the search for architectural inspiration and our growing respect for buildings that can claim both authenticity as cultural icons and mana for their level of brilliance, craftsmanship and design integrity.

Like no other native timber, Southland Beech has a story that is as current as it is old. It is a story enhanced by time as we continue to appreciate the significance of land ownership and the prosperity of Maori throughout New Zealand.

The Longwood and Rowallan forests comprise seven forestry blocks with a total area of 12188 hectares.

These forests are predominantly Maple Beech (Botanical name Nothofagus Menziesii) with small areas of mixed podocarps such as Rimu and Totara.

From the total estimated forest stock of 2.5 million cubic metres, Lindsay & Dixon’s annual permissible harvest volume is 24727m3 inclusive of all log grades and species. This represents a sustainable yield extraction volume of 1.0%. Very low and conservative by international standards which average 10%.

The entire forestry operations are managed and operated under an approved Ministry of Primary Industries sustainable forestry management plan, license number 4 - 13 - 019, which complies with the Forests Act 1949.

This is complemented by independent third party FSC® certification.

(left) Certifying auditors undertaking field work. (right) Southland Beech naturally regenerates

Ancient Rimu tree 1.50m in diameter and estimated to be 250 years old, retained in the Lindsay & Dixon Jubilee Forest.

Forest Stewardship Council® Certification

The 'Vision' statement of FSC® International is that 'The world's forests meet the social, ecological and economic rights and needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations'.

Their 'Mission Statement' is that "The Forest Stewardship Council® shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests".

The staff and management of Lindsay & Dixon fully support these practical and worthy goals and every day our focus and decision making is guided and influenced by these principals.

Lindsay & Dixon employ 40 people in their operations and directly support a further 120 people from the rural township of Tuatapere - population 700.

The social, economic and environmental management of our business is critical to the long term viability of the Company, community and industry as a whole.

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