Lindsay and Dixon

Lindsay & Dixon Southland Beech is a sustainably managed, certified native timber grown in western Southland.
Its availability as a building material is a positive outcome of the Waitutu Block Settlement Act 1997.

“The significance of the Act cannot be over estimated. It demonstrates the genuine commitment of both iwi and Government to protect pristine forest for future generations while enabling the property rights of Waitutu Incorporation to derive an income from essentially regenerating beech forests.”

John Southerwood
Chairman, Waitutu Incorporation

Lindsay & Dixon was instrumental in negotiating the 1997 Act which enabled 2100 hectares of virgin Rimu forest, known as the Waitutu Block, to be gifted back to the Crown in exchange for cutting rights over the naturally regenerating Longwood and Rowallan Beech forests in Western Southland. The Waitutu Block was initially awarded to the Waitutu iwi under the South Island Landless Natives Act 1906.

Lindsay & Dixon has a 100 year contractual forestry agreement with the Waitutu Holding Company to sustainably manage and harvest the resource.

We invite you to learn more about the beauty of Southland Beech from its historical roots to its 21st century use in architecture where it brings unique design integrity and richness to all things New Zealand.

Bernie Lagan
Managing Director